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On the 20th February 2021 I was 4 days overdue with my 2nd child. I had just filmed my ‘ If you a baby mama’ tik tok video when I received a message from a friend sharing a post from Thepositivebirthmovement. It stated that holding a comb can help with contractions during labour using the gate control theory.

This theory, introduced in 1965 states that Your brain can only focus on a few sensations at the same time. By squeezing the comb into your palm it acts as a distraction, diverting your brain so your body can adjust to the pain. When gripped in your hands the comb helps hit acupressure points such as the Lao Gong. Acupressure applies the same principal as acupuncture but does not penetrate your skin.

Having had Jack in 2017 on gas and air I could confirm a little labour aid for the 2nd seemed rather appealing. Fast forward 3 hours, the take away arrived and my waters broke. In the panic of calling the in-laws, soaking two towels, and shoving a handful of chips in my mouth I screamed to my husband ‘Find me a comb!’

Contractions started and they were coming in fast. With the help of an app called Freya, counting my surges and helping me concentrate on my breathing, I squeezed the comb into my hand.

I knew when it was time to leave for the hospital, so with my comb and pillow in hand I shuffled to the car. As we arrived at the hospital the comb really came into its own. I told my husband I needed to wait for one more contraction before getting out of the car. As I buried my head into my pillow and squeezed my comb I remember feeling in control. It was partly knowing what to expect from the contractions this time but also having the comb as a distraction really helped. I couldn’t believe it was working.

We arrived at 8.15pm and I held the comb throughout contractions until the moment I had to push. Lola Clive was born at 9.44pm weighing 8lb 4oz.

I posted a video of my pregnancy journey with Lola on my Facebook and attached a clip of my labour that my husband had secretly filmed. A few people commented on the comb, questioning why I had it? ‘Love you all… but not as much as comb, I said out loud why a comb haha… can’t wait to hear that tale’ and ‘ I was wondering about the comb too’.  Was I the minority that knew about using the comb during birth? This simple technique to help with pain dating back to 1965 and not many people knew about it.

I searched the internet for articles relating to birth aids and acupressure tools. I found a few on hypnobirthing Instagram pages that all stated the same thing, that using a simple hair comb in labour can help with the pain by distracting the brain.
They were right it did work but I did find flaws with using a simple hair comb. I kept having to re-adjust the comb in my hand as it wasn’t a comfortable fit and the plastic bristles were bending with the pressure.

This is how I came to create ‘The Wave Comb’ made from strong, waterproof peach wood and designed to fit into your hand to give you the perfect grip. When squeezing the comb into the palm of your hand, The Wave Comb now presses into the Laogong with ease and doesn’t move from that acupressure point.

I also wanted to create ‘ The perfect baby shower gift’ something that could be bought for a friend to help them during labour. After a friend told me she was going to use my comb hack during a cosmetic treatment, I realised not only would The Wave Comb help pregnant women during childbirth it could help people manage pain through cosmetic treatments, getting tattoos, operations, a trip to the dentist… the situations are endless. Given as a gift, The Wave Comb can help ease a loved one's pain. The Wave Comb is the non-negotiable tool to cope with pain. Not stopping it completely but removing the fear of pain and giving you the control.





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